How to Identify the Best Educational Radio Programs

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Despite the popularity of podcasts and live video streaming, many institutions have incorporated radio as part of their teaching platforms. Radio educational programs are ideal for kids, and adults can learn a great deal through them too. Here are tips on identifying the best educational radio program that fits the bill.

The Scope

An excellent educational radio program should cover a specific scope and subject area or topic. An educational program aims to teach the listener something of interest or concern. For example, a school’s education program should cover a subject area such as mathematics or science. In contrast, other programs may cover general topics of interest to society, such as managing a disease during an outbreak.

Coverage Area

An excellent educational radio program should have comprehensive coverage, which ensures that one can listen to it irrespective of their geographical location. Educational radio programs are meant to equip the listeners with knowledge and information about a particular subject or issue; hence many listeners prefer listening to segments that can be accessed remotely through mobile phones or the internet.

Different Types of Educational Radio Programs

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* General education programs over international, local, and community stations serve to educate the public.

* Direct teaching where radio programs replace teachers during a class session.

* School broadcasting.

How to Listen to Online Radio

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Many people listen to their favorite radio stations and programs, at home or when traveling, through physical radio devices. However, tech-savvy listeners have an opportunity of listening to these programs and shows on the go on their computers and phones, thanks to the advancement in technology whereby radio stations can accommodate online listeners. Below is a guide on how to listen to your favorite radio station online.

Know the Stations Call Letter or Name

I believe that you already have an active internet connection. The next thing is knowing your favorite radio station’s call letter or the name. If using a smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod, one only needs to speak, or if browsing, type in the station’s name.

After the results pop up, click on the station’s website and proceed to the site’s live play feature.

Download the Application

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Some listeners prefer listening to their favorite radio station through the mobile app. If you fall into this group, one only needs to search the radio station’s application either on the Google Play Store or iOS platform, download and install the app before listening to one’s favorite station either on the computer or mobile phone.