Uncharted Sounds

1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays @1pm

Uncharted Sounds will take you in a journey to unusual soundscapes and geographies.

In a world without sound borders or censorship, Uncharted Sounds will bring you music and harmonies from different parts of our planet, from all genres and times, with or without themes but always with some comments to contextualize and help translate, or at least try to.

Besides a strong accent also expect new music releases, both local and from far far away and digital archives from the first vinyls ever made, all together under one concept of music diversity where differences and similarities combine in perfect harmony. We will also have guests to talk about important things happening in Sonoma County and around the world that will share their life experiences and favorite music.

Come sail the worlds airwaves with Uncharted Sounds, every odd Saturday at noon, exclusively on KOWS.


Meet The Host

Host Name: Nelson Gomes
Host Contact: nelsongomes.set@gmail.com
Host Info: Nelson Gomes has been working with Portuguese music as a producer, promoter, programmer, booker, tour manager and manager since the early 2000's. He has worked with independent music labels, coordinated music festivals and events, produced soundtracks, videoclips and records. His passion for radio started in his youth and he has produced, directed and hosted radioshows in Portugal, Italy and the U.S.