How Radio Changed the World

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Nowadays, most of us listen to the radio when driving or exercising, with the internet having taken over our living rooms. However, the radio has changed the world in many ways, because it is a source of entertainment. It also helps making news available to a wide audience and reaches communities located in remote areas around the world. Here are ways how radio changed the world.

An Education Tool

After the first commercial broadcasting station was set up, many radio stations were set up in western countries. Before this, the only way one would gain knowledge was through lectures and textbooks. The radio helped to spread information and knowledge to a wider audience across the world. People were also able to view certain aspects of their society from a different perspective than what the schools taught.

Social Binding

The radio provides one of the cheapest forms of entertainment. After radios started broadcasting commercially, people would come together to listen to music, a comedy show, or sports broadcasts, which often created a friendly environment.

During World War II

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During World War II, radios played a crucial role, since they helped inform people of what was happening in their countries. This period experienced a rise in the number of radio stations, with some countries forbidding certain broadcasters, termed “pirate” stations.